April 24, 2018

Tips for landscaping around your pond

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A water garden isn’t complete without plants. The right botanicals put the “garden” in your water garden!

At Good Earth Water Gardens, we love how a variety of colors, heights, and textures can enhance any water feature. Here are some tips for choosing the right plants for your water garden.

Is it good for the plant?

Consider each plant’s needs. Know how much sun your space gets and choose plants accordingly. Also keep planting depth in mind. A plant that likes to establish a deep root system probably isn’t a good fit for a shallow, rocky area. When in doubt, ask the folks at your local garden center for guidance.

Group plants together

Arranging plants around your pond is a lot like decorating the inside of your home. Interior designers often put like objects together. The same rule works outside, too. Plant a cluster of Forget-Me-Nots at one edge of your pond instead of sprinkling them about. You’ll make a bigger visual impact.

Embrace color

There’s no rule about what is and isn’t appropriate in your water garden. Choose plants that are in colors that bring you joy. You can also consider the lighting around your pond. Plants that are yellow, white, or orange can help brighten shady areas. Cool blues and violets can tone down sunny spots.

Know plant size

Plants grow … and grow and grow. Consider the height and width of a mature plant before you plant that little seedling. Make sure you leave enough space for growth. And put tall plants behind shorter ones. Think about the vantage point you’ll typically view the pond from and plan accordingly.

Plant placement ideas

Our friends at Aquascape have developed three sample landscaping plans. They’re good inspiration for what might go where around your pond.

Not only will plants take your water garden from OK to outstanding, but they’ll also do some heavy lifting. Plants add dissolved oxygen to the water – helping aerate your pond. Pond aeration is yet another way plants add to your water feature.

If landscaping isn’t your thing, you can always leave it to the pros. Our team at Good Earth Water Gardens is happy to design plantings that are perfect for your water feature. Give us a call at 913-749-8090 or connect online today.

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