Our expertise lies in transforming outdoor spaces into serene and beautiful natural waterfalls.

Infinity Waterfall Design & Installation.

Backyard Garden Waterfalls are our specialty! A pond-less "Infinity" waterfall can transform your backyard into a peaceful and tranquil oasis.

Imagine, the soothing sounds of water cascading down rocks and the beauty of a natural-looking waterfall that blends seamlessly into your landscaping. Our infinity waterfalls are also low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and a great option for those who want the benefits of a waterfall without the maintenance of a pond.

Adding a pond-less waterfall to your yard is sure to provide years of enjoyment and relaxation.

Add a Waterfall to Your Kansas City Water Garden

A backyard garden waterfall is always a showstopper. These dramatic water features can turn even the dullest space into the centerpiece of your yard.

Many folks think a waterfall requires a ton of space – and a ton of money. But that’s not true. A waterfall can fit into most spaces and most budgets.

At Good Earth Water Gardens, we offer two types of waterfall systems – A complete waterfall and pond combo, and a pondless waterfall system for smaller spaces.


In just 1 week, we transformed this empty backyard corner spot into a spectacular viewing space, with 5ft dual-cascading waterfalls!

What Customers Are Saying

"They are so wonderful to work with!! Dan and Kevin are not only talented landscapers, they and their whole crew were professional, efficient and left us with an immaculate new area that has enhanced our home. Can't wait to start phase two, guys!"

Create The Waterfall Of Your Dreams

Healthy Ecosystem

­Waterfalls oxygenate a pond, helping supply fish with plenty of healthy, aerated water.

Stress Relief

Why do we vacation around water? Running water helps us leave our stresses behind.

Beautiful Garden Feature

Adding a waterfall or pond-less "Infinity" waterfall to a garden attracts guests at any gathering

Ask About Our Infinity Waterfalls For Small Spaces...

Backyard Garden Waterfalls are our specialty! Pond-less waterfalls are a popular way to introduce moving water to a space without dedicating a lot of real estate to a water features.

Infinity waterfalls also offer all the movement and sound from a waterfall or stream, but with virtually no maintenance. The biggest task is to make sure it has enough water in the reservoir.

Backyard garden waterfalls are ideal for people who want the beauty of a water feature but don’t have the space or time for a full pond. You can simply turn off a pond-less waterfall if you go out of town.

Our expertise lies in transforming outdoor spaces into serene and beautiful natural waterfalls.

Infusing unique water feature design with the natural beauty of your home or backyard.

Redefine outdoor elegance
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We pride ourselves on creating beautiful, custom-designed & built Aquascape fountains.



Repair & Maintenance

We provide year-round professional maintenance for your water features.


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