Ponds & Water Gardens

Professionally Designed Ponds & Water Gardens in Kansas City

Expert Koi Pond Design and Installation in Kansas City

Ponds provide the ultimate water garden experience! Imagine having a private oasis in your backyard…

A waterfall cascades into a crystal clear body of water that looks to have been created by mother nature. Koi fish gracefully swim back and forth grazing though the rocks anticipating their next handful of food. Lily pads float on the surface displaying their lush green leaves and vibrant blooms. Other aquatic plants and landscaping add color and beauty to the surrounding environment that truly creates a backyard paradise. Let’s add more & more koi ponds in Kansas City.

Why Install a Koi Pond in Your Yard?

Many of our clients report that after installing a pond, they spend more time outside – and more time looking out the window when they’re inside. We get reports of lowered stress levels and higher rates of joy. And more than one client has said they can’t wait to get home, back to their pond.

Will your backyard be home to one of the newest Koi Ponds in Kansas City?

Enjoy the Pond of Your Dreams in Your Kansas City Home

Add Beauty to Your Home

• ­Turn your yard into your own little outdoor paradise with a beautiful pond!

Attract Wildlife

• A pond offers an oasis for a variety of animals, especially birds!

Great Place to Gather

• A well-maintained pond is an eye-catching feature and offers a cool spot on a summer day!


What Customers Are Saying

"They did all the creative part. I had no idea how to make it look like it fit in my yard, but that was important to me, that it fit in my yard with the rest of my surroundings. And it's absolutely beautiful. It's much more beautiful than I even imagined."

Why We Enjoy Transforming Backyards into Tranquill Zen Gardens

○ Installing a pond in your yard brings a variety of benefits to your outdoor space, including enhancing the overall atmosphere and providing a natural habitat for aquatic plants and animals.

○ Ponds create a peaceful environment that can help reduce stress and improve your mental well-being. The sight and sound of water can have a calming effect as you relax in your own personal oasis.

○ Watching wildlife interact in and around your pond can be an enjoyable and educational experience for both children and adults. Not to mention all of the possibility for aquatic plant life to grow. Contact Good Earth Water Gardens today to get your pond or water feature installed!

Professionally Designed Ponds & Water Gardens in Kansas City

Infusing unique water feature design with the natural beauty of your home or backyard.

Redefine outdoor elegance
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We pride ourselves on creating beautiful, custom-designed & built Aquascape fountains.

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Our expertise lies in transforming outdoor spaces into serene and beautiful natural waterfalls.

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Repair & Maintenance

We provide year-round professional maintenance for your water features.

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Repair & Maintenance

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