November 15, 2018

The perfect outdoor entertaining area

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Good Earth Water Gardens recently worked with homeowners who’ve been on a remodeling streak with a kitchen remodel and a sunroom addition. They were ready to turn their attention outdoors – and we were excited to help.

Creating a personalized outdoor space

These folks enjoy hosting get togethers, and their home is known as one of the “go-to” houses in the neighborhood. They were looking for an outdoor space that would be functional and put guests at ease.

The homeowners worked with a designer/architect, who developed plans for a large patio space, an outdoor kitchen, and seating walls. There were also some concepts for landscaping and a fountain.

As the project progressed, the homeowners gathered ideas for fountains they liked. The wife recalled this article she saved from The Kansas City Star and gave us a call!

Planning the perfect water feature

Good Earth Water Gardens was pleased to invite these homeowners to our showroom. We asked what was important to them with this fountain.

Making a statement in the yard was important. But they also wanted to hear the sound of water flowing. After seeing and hearing the different options, they decided that a pondless waterfall was actually a better option – as long as it could fit in their yard.

We set up a consultation at their home. After discussing details, we came up with the perfect spot for this pondless waterfall. It’s visible from numerous areas of the patio and from inside the sunroom.

Natural design and easy installation

It was important that this waterfall looked natural and not like random piles of rocks spilling water out of the ground. So, we brought in some large boulders for the waterfalls and framed the surrounding berm with outcropping stones. This created the effect that the stream was always there and the house and patio were built around this natural stream.

When everything was complete, the homeowners were ecstatic about their new outdoor living space.

The finished pondless waterfall

After the renovations, these homeowners did what comes naturally: they hosted a party. All of the contractors and companies involved with the project were invited, as well as some curious neighbors. Everyone was impressed with the beautiful outdoor space.

Not to brag, but the water feature definitely got its share of rave reviews! The homeowners even rearranged the furniture inside the sunroom so they could clearly see the water feature from inside the house, too.

You, too, can transform your yard with a custom water feature. Reach out to Good Earth Water Gardens to explore your options. You can give us a call at 913-479-8090 or connect online. We’re excited to help make your dreams a reality.

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