June 29, 2022

Project Showcase: Huge Pond, Small Yard

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Want to make a statement? Or just cut down on lawn care? An oversized water feature can do both. These homeowners have a beautiful new build home with a small backyard that could be inconsequential. Instead, they teamed with Good Earth Water Gardens to turn the entire space into a lush pond paradise.

Water Garden Installation

We’re not going to lie – this project was like a puzzle. We had huge rocks, big equipment and a narrow space to work in. The area was surrounded by trees, so an intake bay was necessary. And we included a bog area in the design. This wetland filter is an effective and attractive way to minimize the amount of waste that gets distributed back into the pond ecosystem. This gorgeous water feature ended up being 23’ by 11’. We built the pond in sections due to space constraints, but the entire water garden is protected by one liner – that’s more than 40’. We installed the anchor rocks, then filled in the smaller rocks and gravel after that, one section at a time. Once the main pond space was built, we filled it with water to make sure there weren’t any issues. Then we installed the bog. The end result is a dazzling water feature that transports the homeowners and their guests. The pond features lights, several areas for creative plantings and a cave to provide shelter for fish. We considered sight lines during the design process, so the water feature can be enjoyed from many areas of the home, deck and patio.

Watch us transform this small patch of grass into a showplace.

Create The Water Feature That’s Right For You

At Good Earth Water Gardens, we know that small water features can completely change intimate spaces. But this project is proof that for some homeowners and yards, bigger really is better. No matter the size of your Kansas City yard or the dimensions of your ideal water feature, Good Earth Water Gardens can help you make that dream a reality. We design, build, maintain and renovate ponds, pondless waterfalls and fountains of all sizes. Give us a call today to learn more.

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