November 27, 2023

Project Showcase: Front Yard Koi Pond

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You don’t have to tuck your water feature into a secluded backyard space. This waterfall and koi pond combo is proof positive that water features can create an amazing welcome at your front door. Good Earth Water Gardens recently worked with homeowners in Overland Park, Kansas, to transform a barren garden bed into a lush and inviting showpiece. Take a peek behind the scenes of this major makeover.

Perfect space for a water feature

There’s a water feature for every area. For this project, we worked with the homeowners to plot a stream that wraps around existing hardscape to end in a new koi pond. We had space for a 10-by-15-foot pond and a 20-foot stream, but existing fencing meant only one small access point to the area. Creative problem solving meant starting from the back and working forward – and bringing in the big excavator to place that last, pesky boulder. We made it work! The end result is a breathtaking water feature that has it all: koi pond, babbling stream, spillway bowls, and a gorgeous garden. Here’s how it all came together. We love the weathered limestone used in this project. The texture and moss on the stone soften the appearance of the water feature and helps it look like it’s been there forever. And the colorful plants like creeping jenny, coleus, and heuchera make this landscape lush and multidimensional.

Beauty right outside your door

The beauty and relaxing sounds of water can change how you utilize your space and how you feel about coming home. Creating your own oasis of calm is easier than you think. At Good Earth Water Gardens, we’re honored to help homeowners make the most of their outdoor environments. When you’re ready to explore the options for your unique space, we can help. Give us a call at 816-720-7577.

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