February 7, 2020

Project showcase: A pond for prized koi

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We all need plenty of space and fish are no exception. We recently worked with homeowners who purchased their forever home – and needed to create a forever home for their beloved koi. Good Earth Water Gardens was pleased to help make that happen.

An ideal home for koi fish

Like any homeowners, our clients had a to-do list when they purchased their house. After making interior updates, one of the final items was installing a pond for their koi. Some of these fish have been with the homeowners for more than 10 years and have been through several moves. And these aren’t any little fish – some of these koi are almost 18 inches long!

The homeowners were going to work with their landscaping company, Beautiful Outdoors , to install the water feature. But the tight timeline was a concern. So, our friends at Beautiful Outdoors referred the homeowners to Good Earth Water Gardens.

Finding the right pond contractor

After doing some research and seeing our work, the homeowners reached out to Good Earth Water Gardens. We met them for an in-home consultation and discussed the features they wanted for their pond. Since they’d had ponds before, these folks knew exactly what they wanted – and what their fish needed.

We needed to create a pond that was large enough for the fish to continue to grow and thrive. Instead of the standard two-foot depth, the homeowners requested the pond be three feet deep. It was also important that the fish have places to hide from predators and the sun, so we designed two fish caves.

Designing a low-maintenance pond

Because of the fish load, this water feature required some additional features. We installed an Aquascape IonGen and an automatic dosing system to help keep the water looking its best. We also installed a newer product called a powerhead. This eliminates a potential “dead zone” in the pond where water flow could get stagnant.

The homeowners liked colorful, more round-looking rock, so we used granite in this pond. And since they were excited to enjoy their pond at night, underwater lighting was an obvious choice.

A pond fit for a king(fish)

This pond is a little larger than our usual project, and we’re so excited about how it turned out. Check out our video to see how it came together.

These homeowners are avid DIY landscapers, so we allocated plenty of space inside the pond and around the edges for aquatic plants. There’s also lots of room for landscaping beds around the water feature.

Meeting client needs and making their dream water features become reality is a thrill. At Good Earth Water Gardens, we’re passionate about what we do, and we’d love to help you create an outdoor space that exceeds your expectations. Want to make it happen? Email us or give us a call at 913-749-8090.

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