August 24, 2022

How Much Does A Water Feature Cost?

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One of the most common questions we get asked is, “How much does it cost to install a water feature?” The simple answer is that it depends! There are a lot of factors that go into determining the best type of water feature for your lifestyle.

What factors go into the price of a water feature?

Here are some questions you should ask before getting started:
  • Why do I want a water feature?
  • What am I using it for?
  • Where do I want it in my yard?
  • What are the most important elements I want to see or hear?
  • How much time can I dedicate for maintenance?
  • What am I willing to invest in this project?
Buying a water feature can be like car shopping. There are different types and each model has unique options. You can start with a basic, introductory-level Honda, or you can upgrade to the Cadillac with heated leather seats, Bose stereo, sunroof, and shiny chrome rims.
And like the auto industry, you get what you pay for with water features. A brand-new Toyota is going to cost more than a 20-year-old Chevy. But the reliability and low maintenance of the new Toyota will quickly make up for what you might have saved on the old Chevy. We’ve had multiple experiences where a homeowner thought they were saving by hiring a lower-priced contractor, only to find themselves spending more in the long run on maintenance and repairs. Sometimes, they even had to completely renovate their water feature! Whether hiring a contractor or doing it yourself, make sure you do diligent research before installation.

What’s the price of a water feature?

Now let’s talk money. Good Earth Water Gardens offers a wide range of ponds, waterfalls, and fountainscapes that can be seen in our Pricing Guide . Let’s break down a few examples to show how these prices work. One very common pond size is our Lotus Pond Package (pictured above). It starts at just under $25,000. This package is an 11’ x 16’ ecosystem pond that has a depth of about two feet and a waterfall spilling directly into the pond. There’s a lot of flexibility with this package. You can add larger boulders, a 10’ stream, underwater night lighting, a plant and fish package, fish caves, and upgraded filtration. Depending on what you add to it, pricing can go up to the $30,000-$35,000 range. Our pondless or disappearing waterfalls offer the tranquil sights and sounds of running water, but are a little lower maintenance because there is no pond. Our Ripple package starts at just under $7,000 and looks great in a compact setting. However, using it on a large hillside may not give the desired effect.
If you have a medium-to-large hill that you’re tired of mowing, then a larger pondless waterfall may be a great option for you. Our popular Cascade Package starts at just under $15,000. This package is a 12’ long series of multiple cascading, meandering waterfalls that will transform a boring patch of lawn into a natural stream. Adding options like underwater lighting, upgraded filtration, boulder outcroppings, and secondary waterfalls can put this package in the $22,000-$50,000 range.  
Fountainscapes are some of the most popular introductory water features. Fountains aren’t large, formal concrete structures anymore. And they aren’t limited to commercial settings and million-dollar budgets. There are a wide variety of fountain options that can even fit into compact areas of a garden. Just like a pond or disappearing waterfall, you can add enhancements to your fountain features. Take our spillway bowls, for example. Base price starts at just over $6,500. You can add underwater lighting and an  auto-dosing system if you like. These upgrades put this package at just under $7,600. The good news is many of these upgrades can be added in phases and don’t have to be done all at once. That holds true for pond or pondless waterfall upgrades, too.

Financing a water feature

Like a car dealer, Good Earth Water Gardens offers easy financing. If you don’t have all of the funds together for the water feature you want, that’s OK. Our financing programs start at 0% APR for the first 18 months.
We offer so many pond, waterfall, and fountain options. There’s no way we could cover them all in one blog post! See our Pricing Guide for all of your options. And when you’re ready to talk details, Good Earth Water Gardens is here. Call us at 816-720-7577 or connect online. We’re excited to explore the possibilities with you.

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