October 28, 2022

Get your Pond Ready for Fall

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Cooler temps are here! That means a change in wardrobe for people – and a change in maintenance for your water feature. Just a few steps now can help keep your pond water clean and healthy in the coming months. Here’s what you should know.


Net Your Pond

A little prevention can help keep your pond water clear of falling leaves. Netting is fairly easy to install and still allows you to enjoy the beauty of your water feature. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your pond won’t be overrun with debris and gunk.
Netting is fairly easy and you can get all the supplies you need at a hardware store. For those looking to DIY, check out our net installation how to. If you're not up to the task, you can always have Good Earth Water Gardens install a net to keep your pond happy and healthy instead.

Prune Plants and Stop Fertilizing

Another way to keep organic debris from accumulating in your water is to remove plant matter from the area. Cut back yellowing leaves and remove dead plants from around your water feature. It’s time to move any tropical plants inside as well.
Fall is also the time to stop fertilizing your plants. When food becomes scarce, plants know that winter is coming.

Stop Feeding Fish

It’s important to stop the gravy train for your aquatic friends, too. You don’t need to feed fish anymore once temperatures are around 50 degrees. This works with the fish’s natural rhythms, as their digestive systems start to slow down for winter.
Don’t feel guilty. Your fish will be fine. And if you do continue feeding them, they may develop health problems. Don’t let those sad fish eyes fool you.

Watch the Water

Despite your best efforts, some organic debris may make its way into your pond. That’s OK – just remove it. But if fallen leaves have already turned your water an icky brown, all is not lost. Remove the debris and add activated carbon to the water. This should clear the water up and restore a healthy ecosystem.

The Ultimate Secret to a Low-Maintenance Pond

A few simple steps can help you continue to enjoy your water feature all autumn – and get ready for winter. But if your to-do list is already too long, Good Earth Water Gardens can help.  We install netting, perform pond cleanings and can troubleshoot just about any water feature issue. If you need a hand, give us a call at 816-720-7577. We help people all over the Kansas City metro enjoy beautiful water gardens.

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