December 15, 2017

A new koi pond for … Logan Paul?

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Yep, it’s true. Good Earth Water Gardens’ own Dan Stanza helped create a stunning koi pond at the LA home of YouTube celebrity Logan Paul.

If you’re asking, “How, exactly, did that go down?” you’re not alone.

Creating a celeb-worthy yard

A few weeks ago, Logan mentioned in one of his vlogs that he wanted a koi pond. He’d just moved into a mansion in Los Angeles and the backyard was spacious but a bit boring. Word spread to our friend Greg Wittstock, who is known as “The Pond Guy.” And just a few days later, Greg was mapping out a plan for Logan’s backyard!

It was a big job, so Greg enlisted the help of Certified Aquascape Contractors. That’s where Dan came in. He and a ragtag group of more than 30 pond pros traveled to LA for the one-day build. It was a big project, especially since no machinery could get through. So, all of the materials had to be carried in – even giant rocks.

The team created a Zen atmosphere near Logan’s giant Buddha statue. The end result is a pond with a stunning stream of waterfalls, three rippled urn fountains from Aquascape, and a custom bridge. The lighting provides extra dimension at night, and the different water features create a variety of soothing sounds. It’s all pretty amazing.

Check out Dan’s time-lapse video of the build.

Certified Aquascape Contractors

The team was obviously pretty excited about the pond. But what about the homeowner? You can check out Logan Paul’s reaction to the pond’s unveiling here. We think it’s safe to say he was pleased.

Logan made the space complete with hand-picked koi and an albino softshell Chinese turtle. The turtle – now named Pancake – was saved from being dinner at a Chinese restaurant. He’s now living his best turtle life in an amazing water feature.

Dan did not return to Kansas City with a Hollywood attitude. We were almost disappointed that he didn’t demand that his nonexistent assistant get him another latte because his wasn’t the right temperature. Instead, Dan reported that Logan Paul was down-to-earth and kind to everyone at his home. Dan had a great experience and Logan ended up with a killer yard.

Amazing outdoor areas aren’t just for celebrities – there are options for every budget and every space. Give Good Earth Water Gardens a call at 913-749-8090 or contact us online to learn more.

A special thanks to everyone who participated in this amazing project!

See you at Pondemonium!

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