January 30, 2023

5 Problems You Can Fix with a Water Feature

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Many people see a water feature as an “extra” – extra enjoyment, but also extra work. The part of the equation that often gets overlooked is what a pond, pondless waterfall or a fountain can do for your space. The truth is that water features can help solve problems that plague many yards.

1. Maintaining an Expensive Lawn

Our lawns are some of the most expensive areas we maintain per square foot over the lifetime of being in a home. When factoring in mowing, fertilizing, herbicide/pesticide/fungicide applications, aerating/verticutting, overseeding, sodding, irrigating and the repairs and maintenance that come with a sprinkler system, these costs can add up to thousands every year!

Like anything, a water feature is going to require maintenance, but the cost to maintain one is usually a lot less, especially if doing the maintenance yourself. Plus, a water feature is much more mesmerizing to look at than a monotonous yard of grass.

2. Pollution

Those green lawns we work so hard to maintain come at an ecological price, too. Equipment like lawn mowers and grass trimmers use power and can emit high levels of carbon monoxide. Chemicals often used in lawn care can have long-term impacts on soil and water quality as well as wildlife.

By replacing areas of high-maintenance lawn with an ecosystem water feature, you’re reducing air pollution and the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Energy use can decrease – and you can cross mowing off your chore list.

3. Aggravating Noise

A water feature benefit that surprises many of our clients is the sound of running water. There’s nothing like it for relaxation and getting away without leaving your own yard.

But the running water of ponds and pondless waterfalls can also be used to mask unwanted noises in the neighborhood. If your home is near a busy street, active retail area, or even some noisy neighbors, running water can become the dominant sound in your outdoor environment. A gentle waterfall, spillway bowl, or small fountain can completely transform how you experience your space.

4. Lack Of Wildlife

People aren’t the only beings drawn to water features. Ecosystem ponds and pondless waterfalls support all kinds of critters – just ask birds and squirrels.

At a time when clean water can be hard to find and important pollinators like bees are struggling, a water feature can play a key role in helping native species thrive. Water gardens are also a great spot for frogs and toads who will eat pesky mosquitos and devour grubs in your lawn.

5. No Reason To Go Outside

Let’s be honest: Nothing adds more interest and appeal to an environment than the sights and sounds of running water. Adding a water garden to your yard will enhance the environment and truly give you a reason to go outside!

Our clients can’t stay away from their water gardens. We’ve received reports of lower stress levels, not being able to leave the backyard, experiencing inner peace and connecting with nature away from electronics. A water feature will turn any empty patio space or dull landscape into an area that is lively and immersive with natural beauty. Whether enjoying a morning cup of coffee under the deck or sitting on the patio after work and letting the stress of the day flow away, a water feature will give you plenty of incentive to go outside!

Design The Water Feature That Addresses Your Needs And Fulfills Your Dreams

The right water feature is one that’s created specifically for you, your space, and your budget. And addressing existing problems should be part of the process.

Good Earth Water Gardens is honored to partner with Kansas City-area homeowners to design, build, and maintain unique water features. When you’re ready to explore what a pond, pondless waterfall or a fountainscape can do for you, give us a call at 816-720-7577. We’re excited to inspire you to go outside and connect with nature!

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