August 31, 2016

4 Benefits of water features

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Whether it’s a pond, a fountain, or a pondless waterfall, water features look awesome. But their appeal extends far beyond visual impact. A water feature can enhance many areas of your home and your lifestyle. Here are four of our favorite benefits of having a water feature.

1. Your curb appeal just skyrocketed.

A water feature makes your home unique. Water in your landscaping accentuates plantings and ties hardscaping together. The sound of running water makes your home feel like an oasis. And the beauty of a water feature can increase your home value and salability. A water feature just makes your home stand out from the crowd.

2. Relaxation is just outside your window.

We all deal with stress. But when there’s a water feature on the property, you’re always a few steps away from instant peace. The sound of flowing water is both relaxing and invigorating. A water feature is a wonderful way to add calm and stillness into your life. Imagine coming home from a rough day … and sitting by the pond where all is well again. That benefit alone is worth the price of admission.

3. Water features draw families together.

We’re all attracted to water. Little kids, big kids, big kids who are now retired – we all find water enticing. Since a water feature is something we can all appreciate, you’ll find that your family will naturally congregate around it. For kids, a pond is a wonderful learning center – and an escape from electronics. Many clients report that their water features have brought their families closer together.

4. Your entertaining goes up a notch or two.

A water feature will improve your life every day. But it really shines when it comes to entertaining. When you’re sitting around the pond with friends or family, water makes it feel like you’re on vacation. And while a water feature is beautiful during the day, it’s transformed at night. Shadows and flickering water creating a symphony of gurgles and splashes. Your home will be a popular destination.

When you’re ready to make a water feature part of your life, Good Earth Water Gardens can make it happen. We serve the Kansas City metro area, and we welcome your questions. Give us a call at 913-749-8090.

If you aren’t in the KC area, not to worry. Find a Certified Aquascape Contractor. These highly trained professionals are experts in water feature design, installation, and maintenance. Find your Certified Aquascape Contractor here.

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