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Water Features Help Birds During Winter

The harsh winter weather is tough on all of us. But it’s especially challenging for our avian friends.

What birds need

Dehydration is a major concern for birds during the winter months. Water can be hard to find. And when birds eat snow for their moisture, their bodies must work hard to warm it up. We’ll also see birds hoping along the edges of water, looking for melting ice. All this activity takes valuable energy.

Use your pond to help birds

Luckily, there are easy ways you can support your neighborhood birds. Leave open water in your pond in a spot that’s easily accessible to the birds. You can do this with a pump that keeps the water moving, or you can use a floating de-icer or pond aerator.

No pond? No problem. Keep a bird bath stocked with warm water. You can put a de-icer or aerator in a bird bath, too.

Bird seed basics

You can also help maintain our bird population by providing dry, accessible seed. Tube feeders protect seed from wet weather and replenish food as it’s eaten. You can also scatter seed in sheltered areas. Consider putting seed under your deck or in hedges or bushes. Your feathered friends will thank you.

If you’ve got questions about making your pond bird-friendly, Good Earth Water Gardens can help. Give us a call at 913-749-8090 or contact us online. We’ll make sure everyone enjoys your water feature – even the birds.