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You know what brings people together? Water! We just had a great weekend with our friends from the Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City (WGSGKC). Good Earth Water Gardens partnered with WGSGSKC for a killer display at the KC Remodel + Garden Show. If you weren’t able to come see us, here’s what you missed.

Water Gardens in Kansas City

Ponds, spillway bowls, and a fountain

Good Earth Water Gardens shared a large booth with WGSGKC … but it was so much more than a booth. We worked with these tireless (and we do mean tireless!) volunteers to construct a series of water features. They ranged from an 8’ x 12’ ecosystem pond to a pond with an actual boat that had water spilling from the back of its motors. The display also showcased a variety of fountains and a fun set of electric trains running next to the water features!

We paired the pond with two spillway bowls from Aquascape and a miniature bubbling urn. It was a fun way to fuse formal elements with more rustic water features.

Thousands of folks stopped by over the weekend to take in the sights and sounds. We met great people and always enjoy talking about water features and the countless options available.

The Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City

We can’t say enough about the WGSGKC. It’s exciting to be involved with this wonderful group of pond enthusiasts.

The WGSGKC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the construction, preservation, and appreciation of water gardens in the KC area. These folks have a lot of info and know-how about water features and are happy to share their knowledge. We love being able to talk tech with our pond peeps, but the organization is super welcoming to those new to the water garden world, too.

The WGSGKC hosts monthly meetings and will host their annual pond tour July 7-8. Good Earth Water Gardens is excited to participate in that event. But if you want to see water features, you don’t have to wait until this summer. You can always schedule a private tour with Good Earth Water Gardens to see our display water features.

Get more water garden info

Whether you have a huge yard or a tiny patio, there’s a water feature for you – and lots of information about your options. The WGSGKC is a great resource. The Good Earth Water Gardens blog is a good place for info and inspiration as well.

As always, we’re here if you have questions or are ready to make your water feature a reality. Connect with us online or give us a call at 913-749-8090.