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Need help with maintaining your water feature? Let us do the heavy lifting and beautification so that you can sit back and enjoy!

Water Feature Cleanouts in Kansas City

For most water features, (especially ponds) we recommend doing an annual drain and clean to maintain optimal water quality throughout the season.

Organic debris and excess nutrients naturally accumulate in the water over the course of the year, and if not properly flushed, a feature can have algae blooms and poor water quality.

If you’re looking to get your water feature back to pristine condition, but have not had a seasonal drain and clean, we would start with this step.

Water Feature Maintenance Experts In Kansas City

Recurring Maintenance Packages

Like anything, a water feature is going to require maintenance as the years go on. From clearing leaves and debris to adding treatments, regular maintenance will keep your water feature looking pristine throughout every season. If you want to have your pond, waterfall, or fountain always looking presentable, then signing up for our maintenance packages is a great option.

Repairs & Replacements

Your water feature will be enduring some of the most extreme weather conditions. Scorching sun and heat during the summer, freezing temps and ice in the winter. The ground is constantly expanding & contracting and shifting & settling.

Over time, there are components in your water feature that get old and simply need to be repaired or replaced. Whether some boulders have shifted and fallen out of place or your pump has stopped working, we can help get your water feature looking good and optimally running again.


It’s annoying to have to constantly fill a water feature that has a leak. In fact, one of the most common calls we receive is for leak repair.

Through years of experimenting and diagnosing leaks in ponds and waterfalls, we have several tests we can perform to figure out what’s actually going on.

If you suspect or know that you have a leak in your water feature please give us a call.


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Water Feature Maintenance In Kansas City

Good Earth Water Gardens is available for all of your water feature maintenance needs. If you have a leak, algae build-up or are looking for an entire pond cleanout, our experienced team is available for any needs you and your water feature may have.

We are also happy to offer our recurring maintenance packages for ponds, waterfalls and fountains to help keep on top of maintenance in an efficient manner.

If you’re interested in our maintenance packages or have a question about repairs your water feature needs, give us a call! Good Earth Water Gardens will keep your water feature in excellent condition.


Kansas City Water Feature Design & Installation

Good Earth Water Gardens specializes in creating water features that help people reconnect with nature in a way that makes them fall in in love with their outdoor space all over again.

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