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These homeowners had been in their home for more than 20 years. Once their kids were grown and flown, they faced a long to-do list of interior improvements. But when that work was finished, they decided it would be nice to have a water feature in their backyard.

Renovating Pondless Waterfalls

Water feature dreams

A large portion of the backyard was a hillside, so the wish list included a waterfall, a lower patio, and a raised patio where the homeowners could experience the water feature from another viewpoint. They also wanted some shade trees. Their landscaping company assured the homeowners that all of these amenities were possible.

Once everything was finished, the homeowners were satisfied and enjoyed their new outdoor living space.

Then came Pinterest!

When they saw the possibilities and how natural a pondless waterfall could look, the homeowners realized their existing feature left something to be desired. Plus, they didn’t really know how their water feature worked or how it should be maintained. So, they called Good Earth Water Gardens for a service call and inspection.

The homeowners asked what we thought about the feature. It was functional and held water, but we felt it could have been engineered to be more user friendly. We’re careful not to be critical of other’s work, but we explained that there are many different ways a waterfall can be constructed. Companies have their own styles and we have ours. What’s important is that the homeowner is happy.

Remodeling the water feature

The next spring, the homeowners asked us to come back. They had decided they wanted something more natural that blended in with the rest of the landscaping. While the homeowners had a series of very similar waterfalls, what they really wanted was different styles of waterfalls cascading at various angles down the hillside. They also wanted a system that had an easy-to-access pump instead of their current setup, which required moving heavy slabs of stone for maintenance.

After seeing photos on our site and really thinking through what they wanted, the homeowners decided it made sense to revamp their water feature.

When the renovation was complete, the homeowners were in awe!

The wife slept in the guest bedroom for a few nights just so she could hear the new sounds of the water feature. Now they are spending more time than ever in their backyard and fall more in love with their water feature every day.


If your water feature isn’t the best it can be, we can help. Good Earth Water Gardens designs, maintains, and renovates ponds, pondless waterfalls, and fountains all around the Kansas City area. Give us a call at (913) 749-8900 or connect online .