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Dogs & Water Features: Enhance the Dog Days of Summer with a Water Feature

We have several dogs on staff at Good Earth Water Gardens. They’re a picky crew, but they all agree: dogs love water features!

Whether it’s a small bubbling fountain or an expansive pond, water features can make your outdoor space amazing – and make your canines very happy. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Pet-Friendly Water Feature Design

Pets and water features can happily coexist. The trick it to make sure your pondpondless waterfall or fountain is installed correctly and built to last. Consider:

  • Liner: Use a durable liner and secure the edges so that it won’t shift or become damaged. Big paws have been known to make big rocks move. But smart installation and well-balanced boulders will keep your liner in place.
  • Rocks: Pups are curious, and wherever there’s a water feature, Fido is probably going to check it out. Make sure rocks are stable. Use paving stones and flat rocks so that accessing the water is easy. Ensure any gravel or rock you use is smooth and won’t hurt paws.
  • Water: An ecosystem pond is balanced by plants, rocks, and filtration. Beneficial bacteria play an important role in keeping water clean and clear, too. Use water additives that are safe for plants and animals. We recommend Aquascape’s products for pet-friendly water feature care.
  • Size: Many people and pups would love to have a huge pond. But even an intimate pondless waterfall or a fountain tucked into a corner can provide moving water, relaxing sounds and the benefits of a water feature. Ask any tiny dog with a huge personality: size isn’t everything.

How Water Features Can Enrich Dogs’ Lives

Most of the dogs we meet are sure we’re installing a water feature solely for their benefit. It’s easy to see why pups are entertained and helped by water features. Here’s how:

  • Sensory enrichment: Much like people, animals enjoy the sights and sounds of running water. Plus, a water feature brings more activity to the yard. Whether it’s bees or birds, being around water gives dogs something to watch.
  • Water source: We’ve yet to see a thirsty pup who isn’t interested in taking a drink from a fountain or pond. When you use pet-friendly products to maintain your water feature, it’s a healthy hydration option.
  • A way to cool off: Dogs perspire through their feet to cool down. Tromping through a pond or stream can help them get and stay cool.

Water Features for the Entire Family

People and pets around Kansas City look to Good Earth Water Gardens for fountains, ecosystem ponds and pondless waterfalls. We’d love to create a water feature for your pack. Contact us online or give us a call at (816) 720-7577 for more information.