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You don’t need a lot of room for a water feature. Even a showstopping pondless waterfall can fit into a small space. This renovation is proof.

Remodeling a Pondless Waterfall

Good Earth Water Gardens recently worked with a homeowner in Lenexa to renovate their existing pondless waterfall. We didn’t create the original water feature, but we’re always happy to care for and enhance existing ponds and waterfalls.

We’d maintained this water feature for the past few years, but there was no denying – it was time for a renovation. The waterfall was leaking and could use a facelift. So, we partnered with the homeowner to come up with a plan that would make the most of the small space while also addressing the plumbing issues.

For this project, we excavated the water feature and then installed a high-quality Aquablox reservoir and vault. We replaced the old plumbing line and installed a new liner, too. Thanks to new, natural boulders, new lighting and extra care with autumn’s falling leaves, this pondless waterfall ended up better than new.

Renovate your Water Feature, No Matter the Size

We recently shared video of our renovations to a huge pondless waterfall that included a moat. Are big projects cool? Of course. But these smaller water features can pack a lot of drama and impact into a tight space. We love how this pondless waterfall transforms the entire living space.

No matter how big your Kansas City water feature is, Good Earth Water Gardens can maintain it and even renovate it when the time comes. We’ll work with you to revamp your pond, pondless waterfall or fountain so that it fits into your space and your budget. Give us a call today at (816) 720-7577 to learn more.