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Winter is Prime Time for Water Features

It’s cold, but there are still some great things going on outside. And you can enjoy many of them from the warm comfort of your home. Water features like ponds and fountains can be especially stunning in cold weather.

Your water feature in winter

Some people shut down their fountains and water features when temperatures drop. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few things to consider:

  • Ponds that have fish must not freeze over completely. Moving water from a waterfall will help keep the water open.
  • If it has a large basin, a fountain or pondless waterfall can probably run most of the winter.
  • Ice is an amazing winter landscaping element.

OK, that last factor might have you scratching your head. But ice creates great sculptures on a waterfall or fountain. Add lighting for an even more dramatic effect. At a time of year when your outdoor space may seem drab and colorless, an icy water feature can take your yard from whatever to wow.

How water features work in cold weather

It might seem like water features can’t operate in winter temps. But the ice actually insulates the water from cold air temperatures. This lets the water flow under the ice, and this movement prevents the water from freezing solid.

As splashing water causes ice to form on a fountain or waterfall, it’s important to have a large basin. All that ice means there’s less water in the supply basin. Since the basin is in the ground, there’s enough warmth to prevent it from freezing. But you may need to top off your basin with extra water just in case. If temps are above freezing, you can use your garden hose – just remember to store it inside. You can also fill up buckets of water and make a few trips. It’s an easy way to enjoy your water feature across all four seasons.

Adding a water feature in winter

If you don’t already have a water feature, the cooler part of the year is the perfect time to get started. Water feature contractors aren’t as busy, and you can easily think through how you can enjoy a new pond or fountain year-round.

Good Earth Water Gardens is always here to help, no matter the season. Contact us online or call 913-749-8090. We’d love to help you add some magic to your yard.