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We all need to get away. But a relaxing escape doesn’t have to mean leaving home. At Good Earth Water Gardens, we help our clients create vacation-worthy experiences in their own backyards.

There are many ways you can enhance your outdoor environment to maximize relaxation, recreation and rest. Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend project, an easy purchase or a major renovation, there’s something for everyone. Consider how these ideas can help you unwind and enjoy your yard to the fullest.

The Sound Of Running Water

It’s not all in your head. Research has shown that pleasant sounds of nature – like running water – can help us relax. These sounds can help improve cognitive performance, lower blood pressure and reduce pain. So incorporating running water into your backyard oasis just makes sense.

Pondless waterfalls are an easy way to bring the visual and auditory beauty of running water into practically any outdoor space. They can be designed to fit any size or shape of yard. But if you’re working with a patio or a rental space, spillway bowl fountains are a Zen way to fit running water into a limited area. See how we customize spillway bowls to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients.

Comfortable Seating

This one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many patios we’ve seen with only hard metal seating. Think outside the box store and let your imagination wander. What does comfort feel like for you? Hammocks and swings have long been favorites outside. Hanging chairs and upholstered lounges are designed to help you take it easy while also taking design up a notch.

A Pond

Call us biased, but a natural-looking water feature turns any yard into a paradise. And the great thing is that we can design a water feature for any space and across a wide range of budgets.

When you step out of your home and are greeted by running water, natural boulders and blooming plants, you can’t help but be enveloped by calm. At Good Earth Water Gardens, we specialize in water features that look like they’ve been there forever. So whether you have a pondless waterfall, a small pond tucked beside a patio or a large koi pond, your water feature will help you get back to nature and back to yourself.


When the sun is a little too intense, it can limit when and how you use your space. Creating some shade can make all the difference. Trees are an obvious choice, but can often take years to provide substantial

protection from the sun. Consider a pergola or a fabric canopy to add style and shade to your space now.

A Fire Pit

As the evenings grow chillier, a source of heat and light can really enliven an outdoor space. Whether you’re drawn to a small, portable fire pit or envision a large outdoor fireplace, there are options for any yard.

We often install water features near existing patios with fire pits, as homeowners find the combination of water and fire to be the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Others opt to incorporate fire into their water features. Some fountains have fire components that are real showstoppers.


What fun is a blinged-out outdoor area if you can only appreciate it during the day? Subtle lighting can highlight the best of your space and help you enjoy your yard even as the days are getting shorter.

String lights are an easy and economical way to increase visibility and create a vibe. We’re also big fans of installing lighting around water features. Whether you have a small fountain or a sprawling pond, lighting can help you experience your water feature in a whole new way. We always find something new to appreciate when viewing a pond at night.

Turn Your Yard Into A Vacation Getaway

There’s nothing like stepping outside into an oasis of calm. At Good Earth Water Gardens, we can help make it happen.

We’re passionate about designing, building, maintaining and renovating water features all around Kansas City. We also partner with architects and landscapers to ensure that your environment is cohesive and meets all your needs. Give Good Earth Water Gardens a call today at (913) 749-8090 to learn more.