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When you’re obsessed with water features, the desire to tweak your own ponds, waterfalls and fountains is real. Really real. At Good Earth Water Gardens, we are always wanting to try a new technique or install some great new rock. It can be a problem.

We recently remodeled the small pond at our showroom. For those keeping score, yes, this is the fourth time we’ve moved or redone this koi pond and its waterfall. Water feature creation is dangerous business – we’re always dreaming up new designs!

Watch to the very end to see David rip a rock apart with his hands. Such brute strength!

New Pond Shape and Stunning Waterfall

As you might guess, the first step in this remodel was emptying the existing pond and removing the rock. But the second step might surprise you.

Since we wanted to reconfigure the shape of the pond and get nice, clean shelves, we refilled the existing hole with dirt. After compacting the earth really well and making sure the area was level, we then marked the pool design and excavated from there.

Check out how we expanded this pond to showcase interesting rocks and produce spa-like sounds of running water. Lily pads, grasses and creeping jenny help bring the finished water feature to life.

Make Your Water Feature the Best It Can Be

At Good Earth Water Gardens, we know that even the best water features sometimes need a little freshening up. Whether you’re having problems with your pond or have big ideas for something new, we can help. We can help you create the pond, fountain or pondless waterfall of your dreams.

We’re passionate about designing, building, maintaining and renovating water features all around Kansas City. Give Good Earth Water Gardens a call today at (816) 720-7577 to learn more.