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Sure, it’s chilly and your pond is probably the last thing on your mind right now. But it’s actually a perfect time to start thinking about any changes you’d like to make.

At Good Earth Water Gardens, we don’t just install new ponds. We also rehab ponds that have fallen into disrepair and we upgrade ponds that could use a little more pizazz. Whether you need to address a broken pump or you’d like to expand your water feature, we’ve got you covered.

Time to Think About Renovating Your Pond

Is it time to update your pond?

When you’re thinking about next steps for your pond, consider its current state:

  • Are you spending a lot of time on pond maintenance?
  • Is there stagnant or gunky water?
  • Do you have to fill the pond more than usual?
  • What about the current plants and fish – is there something that isn’t quite right?

If all the current facets of your water feature are working well, the next step is to daydream. What would your ideal backyard paradise look like? Here are some things to think about when plotting your pond makeover:

  • What do you enjoy the most about your pond? Is it the sound of running water, or the variety of plants? Maybe it’s the fish, birds, and other wildlife. Whatever brings you the greatest joy, build your dream pond around that.
  • Have you visited water that speaks to you? If a mountain stream or a wooded spring is your happy place, use it as a starting point for your water feature design.
  • What do you like (or dislike) about your current pond? What would make you want to spend more time around your pond?

Find water feature inspiration

It can be hard to imagine changing your space. We also recommend finding photos that represent what you’re drawn to. And if you need some inspiration, this video from our friends at Aquascape highlights how an existing water feature can be transformed into an oasis.

Spring will be here before you know it. Planning now can help make your backyard dreams a reality – and Good Earth Water Gardens can help. Give us a call at 913-749-8090 or contact us online to explore how to make the most of your outdoor space.