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There are water features, and then there are water features that include a 3,000-pound boulder.

At Good Earth Water Gardens, we create water features of all shapes and sizes. But even we have to admit that working with this giant boulder was really cool. Want to see how we did it?

Installing a Bubbling Boulder

This video covers everything from excavation and mapping out the AquaBlox reservoir to placing the boulder. You’ll see the layers of underlayment and installation of the autofill value, too.

Make Your Dream Water Feature a Reality

Homeowners all around Kansas City turn to Good Earth Water Gardens for fountains, ecosystem ponds and pondless waterfalls. We’re proud to have met the rigid standards of excellence of being a Certified Aquascape Contractor and can put that know-how to work for you. Contact us online or give us a call at (816) 720-7577 for more information.