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Fish aren’t just for indoor aquariums. Good Earth Water Gardens recently worked with an aquarium enthusiast who decided to take his passion outside. We created an outdoor fish pond and the results were stunning.

Creating a Pond for an Aquarium Enthusiast

Pond concerns and wish lists

Our client had been thinking about building a fish pond in his backyard. But his research turned up too many stories of improperly built ponds that became maintenance nightmares. So, he decided it would be best to have his pond installed by a professional. He connected with Good Earth Water Gardens.

 We showed the client around our display showroom and shared our pricing guide . He was able to find a water feature that would make a great home for the fish he wanted to keep and fit in his budget. We also talked about how an ecosystem pond works , which eased any fears about having a high-maintenance pond headache.

The fish pond result

The ecosystem pond we installed is our Lily design. We also added three feet of stream and waterfall. Check out the build in this time-lapse video.

For many pond installations, we provide the fish and plants, too. However, this homeowner is a DIY-er at heart, so he is going to landscape and stock the pond. We can’t wait to see the end result.

Installing a pond isn’t an all-or-nothing prospect. You can DIY part of it and outsource the heavy lifting. At Good Earth Water Gardens, we’re happy to work with clients to find a pond and a plan that work for them.

 Connect with us online or call us at 913-749-8090. We’d love to visit with you about the many options available.