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When temperatures drop, it’s time to rethink your pond maintenance. The steps you’ve taken to keep your water feature in tip-top shape all summer now need to change.

Follow these five easy tips to make the most of your pond’s autumn beauty and start getting ready for colder temps.

Get your pond ready for fall

  1. Prune it, baby. Trim yellowing leaves and cut back dead plant matter. This will prevent the leaves from falling into your pond and keep the water clear. You’ll want to remove any tropical plants, too.
  2. Stop fertilizing. When the weather starts to cool off, stop fertilizing. This lets your plants know that winter is coming.
  3. Stop feeding your fish. The gravy train needs to end when temperatures are around 50 degrees. If you keep feeding your fish, they might develop health problems. When you stop feeding, you’re working with the fish’s nature rhythms, since their digestive systems start to slow down for winter.
  4. Look out for leaves. As the leaves fall, some are going to nosedive right into in your pond. Empty your skimmer’s debris net every day to keep up. You’ll probably end up with some leaves in the bottom of your pond. Save yourself work in the spring and fish those leaves out now. But leave a few – they’ll provide a place for insects and frogs to spend the winter.
  5. Keep an eye on the water. If too much organic debris gets in your pond, the water can turn brown. It’s another reason to remove fallen leaves from the water! But if it’s too late and your water has turned a lovely color of ick, never fear. You can remove the debris and add activated carbon. This should clear the water up.

Taking these simple steps will help you enjoy your koi pond this fall. And they’ll also make it easier to get your pond ready for winter.

Need pond help?

No matter the time of year, you can always get answers to your pond-related problems. Good Earth Water Gardens is here to work with you. We’ll help you make the most of your water feature.

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